A different approach to role play adventure


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Bravada is a role playing game with touches of strategy, in which you must move through a number of grids, doing away with any baddies that get in your way and collecting as much treasure as you can.

The adventure is led by a dwarf and his trusty bat, who together must move through a series of dungeons to collect all the treasure they find. Along the way they can also find new friends, level up, improve their attributes and acquire new ranks.

Having been developed on grids, the action in Bravada sonn becomes very strategic. You have to place your characters in the most effective formations. For example, you should ideally have strong melee characters front, protecting the weak at the back.

Graphically Bravada nothing special, but the colourful style makes the somewhat poorly designed scenery more forgivable. Furthermore, the general look of the game is actually quite nice.

Bravada is an entertaining title that, although it seems designed more with touch control tablets in mind, works pretty well on a computer with a keyboard and a mouse.

The demo only lets you play the first levels and the tutorial.

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